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  • Dine a Chook Low Maintenance Chicken Drinker. Go for over a week without refilling, depending on flock size and weather, with a 20 Litre Drum Chicken Drinker. With a Single Lubing Cup suitable for small flocks.
  • Lubing Cup Drinker Outlets are the world standard for poultry hydration. Designed to help minimise contamination and provide water on demand. Up-grade with a patented Dine a Chook float for higher resting water levels.
  • Our 20 Litre Drums will last longer than cheap imports. Made in Australia to our specifications, they are UV treated to resist photo degradation, brittleness and cracking. 100 % contaminant-free!

Chicken Drinker | 20 Litre Single Outlet Drum Drinker | Dine a Chook

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Product Description

This is Dine a Chook's longest-lasting Chicken Drinker. If you want a low maintenance Chicken Drinker without a rain tank or mains water connection, our 20 Litre Drum Drinkers are the answer.

This is our 20 Litre Drum Drinker for small flocks, fitted with one Lubing Drinker Cup.

And how often will you have to fill up? Probably less than once a week, depending on weather conditions - just like us, chooks drink more when it is hot!

Talk about a low maintenance Chicken Drinker! And we also have Drum Drinkers available with Lubing Outlet Frames suited to flocks of up to 36 birds - browse here!

Daily shipping to NZ - Registered Australia Post. 


Package Contents

Your order contains:

  • 1 x Dine a Chook 20 Litre Drum Chicken Drinker (380 mm tall, 280 mm square) with a Single Lubing Cup Outlet suitable for up to 10 chickens or other poultry.


To install, position your Drinker on an elevated solid surface. We recommend a height of 100-200 mm - ideally slightly below the head-height of your birds. 


Features of the Dine a Chook 20 Litre Drum Chicken Drinker (Single Cup)

This low maintenance Chicken Drinker provides reliable, algae-free water for days at a time. It features:

  • An industrial-quality PVC Drum made exclusively to Dine a Chook specifications

  • UV resistance to prevent algae and mould, and to ensure that the drum will never degrade, crack or break due to sun damage

  • Contaminant-free: no lead, no BPA, no glue

  • Top-filling for convenience

  • Tool-free installation
  • Guaranteed No Leak assembly free from drip points like glue or screws

  • Fitted with a Single Lubing Drinker Cup outlet to provide on-demand hydration

  • Lubing Drinker Cups are the professional's choice for a water outlet that may prevent contamination with dirt and feed

  • We up-grade the German-made Lubing Cups with an exclusive Dine a Chook float that provides higher resting water levels and a more reliable fill 

  • May help to deter vermin and pest-birds in the chicken coop


Australian Quality Assurance 

Our Chicken Drinkers are hand-built in Australia from Australian-manufactured parts. Parts are made to Dine a Chook specifications and meet our exceptionally high standards for quality and reliability. When we couldn't find a Drinker Outlet that met our expectations in Australia, we went straight to the world leaders and formed a working relationship with Lubing, Germany. 

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