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About Us

The truth of the adage that “necessity is the mother of invention” became apparent to us when we started keeping chickens in our backyard. Our discovery changed our adventure from a rustic practice into a civilized hobby. 

Like you before you found us, we were unwilling to tolerate the mess that came with keeping chickens. After only a couple weeks of basking in reasonably happy chookdom, we realized that no one had told us anything but the good side of keeping chickens. No one said anything about the waste of food, the dispensers that allowed rain to ruin it or the rats that invariably were drawn to the smell of rotting food. The only feeders available at the time allowed contents to decompose in the north Queensland sun, creating smelly and unsightly slop. Instead of having a cheap and easy supply of healthy eggs, we were facing the reality of needing to shop the supermarket instead.


Talking It Over with Dad

In a chat with my dad, a retired mechanical engineer, I said that I was “over the hassle and mess and the chooks were going.” He had no interest in chooks, but he did know how much my kids loved them. He was upset about my decision, and he reminded me that the kids would be unhappy to see them go. He then asked for some chook feed, assessed the conditions that I had described and off he went. The stage was set for father and son to use a shed full of tools, active minds and strong determination to find a way to save the chooks for the children.

Finding Our Way


We experimented with prototypes that resembled what was already on the market. As father and son, we worked through problem after problem until our line of thought took a different path. When we got the idea of bringing chooks to the feeder instead of taking food to the chooks, it was an easy path to the birth of Dine a Chook. The history of its success speaks for itself. It works, it delivers 99.9 percent of your food to your chooks, it is virtually indestructible and it is extremely cost effective. Dad’s interest in Chicken Feeders and Chicken Drinkers for poultry or other domesticated birds has become keen since our trial and error efforts, and we have introduced many innovative ideas that we currently market under our registered brand.


Promoting World Class Australian Made Products at Home and Abroad


Our five years of experimenting with prototypes led to the development of an injection mould procedure that demonstrates the premier quality of Australian Made products. Here at Biggin Pty Ltd., we are committed to providing quality products to more than 20,000 backyard farmers around the world. We know from personal experience that “thinking outside the box” can resolve sticky glitches, and we are happy to discuss solutions to problems that you may have with your small coop or commercial operation.