About Us

Dine A Chook Chicken feeders and Drinkers have become extremely popular throughout New Zealand. And despite looking pretty straightforward, there is actually a lot behind the story of Dine A Chook. The latest Dine A Chook feeding units have years of research and development behind them, hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturing machinery and a story of a Grand Dad trying to prevent his grandkids getting upset. 

Some years ago, my wife and I decided to invest in chooks. You already know all the benefits of owning chooks, so we do not need to go into that here.

After a couple of weeks of happy chicken keeping, it became apparent we had only been sold the good side of owning chooks. No one mentioned the wasted feed and then the rats. We were not told about of feed we would waste from it getting wet. And because of our location in Townsville QLD, we were sold products that did not survive the elements. After we began doing the maths, it seemed our cheap, easy healthy egg supply was again looking like coming from the supermarket.

I was chatting with my dad, a retired mechanical engineer. I told him how frustrated I had become and was over the hassle and mess and the chooks were going. He bought me back to earth by reminding me how the kids loved them and they would be quite upset if I were to get rid of them.  Even tough old Dad was visibly upset.

So, he asked me for some chook feed, took a long look at what was happening and home he went.

Now, a man on a mission with a shed full of tools. The mission, save the chooks for the kids.

The Dine A Chook beginnings.

Prototype after prototype appeared most based on what is already available. He tried, tested and modified working through problem after problem. In frustration, his line of thought changed. Why not put the chook into the feed container rather than take the feed out of the container to give it to the chook. The rest was easy, the basis of Dine A Chook was born.

Today Dine A Chook has become the Australian Made Chicken Feeder and Drinker System which has taken the world by storm. It is Australia's number one name in Automatic Chicken Feeders and Drinkers. 

Due to growing global demand we now also have Dine A Chook New Zealand and also Dine A Chook UK. 

All our products are handmade by ourselves in Townsville, Nth Queensland, using proven quality materials and are quality controlled (by the old guy). For these reasons, we have no hesitation offering a 100% replacement guarantee. (Do not run over it with the tractor) that is not covered. (Note nipples and cups carry their own manufacturer’s warranty. Dine-a-Chook will cover these parts in line with their manufactures conditions.

We are Biggin Pty Ltd, and we are passionate about finding new ways to develop the best feeding and drinking solutions available for our chooks and yours.



Ryan Biggin with the dine-a-chook feeder