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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Chicken Keepers

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It is the giving season, and nothing is more fun than buying the perfect gift for someone that you love! 

Having trouble thinking of exciting presents? Here are 5 easy Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers:

1. A Jolly Red Chicken Feeder 

Sure, anyone who keeps chooks already has a Chicken Feeder. But if your Chicken Keeping friend or relative has ever complained about wasted feed, rats, wet grain or mess (and let's face it, they probably have) then they need a Dine a Chook Waste-Reducing Feeder

And why not go fully festive with our jolly RED Chicken Feeders


2. An Automatic Chicken Drinker

Just because someone loves their chooks, doesn't mean that they don't fancy a weekend away (beach-time, anyone?). Give them the gift of freedom with an Automatic Chicken Drinker suited to mains pressure water. You'll never have to look after their chooks again! 

3. An Incubator

Take chicken keeping to the next level with an incubator - perfect for chicken keepers with kids. There is nothing better than raising chooks from chicks, so why not help your friend or loved one hatch their own! 

4. Chicken Kitsch

You need a lot of bits and pieces to make chicken keeping convenient - from cleaning gear (boring) to egg cartons (more boring... and free!). I know my chicken keeping friends all get excited about cute egg baskets and kitschy egg holders to display their freshly laid eggs! Browse online such as TradeMe for heaps of adorable options - I'm a sucker for the vintage wire egg baskets and the chicken-shaped egg holders. And if an egg-basket is too practical, check out this awesome page of Chicken Gift Ideas on Pinterest for everything from handbags to decorations, and crockery to jewellery. 

5. A Dine a Chook Gift Certificate

Still feeling stuck? A Dine a Chook Gift Certificate might be the perfect answer - particularly if you are a last-minute shopper. Delivered straight to your recipient's inbox, our festive-themed Gift Certificates are available in any amount. 

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