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  • Waste Reducing Large Automatic Chicken Feeder
  • Waterproof - Waste Reducing - Automatic Chicken Feeder by Dine a Chook

Large Chicken Feeder with Red Base

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Product Description

We reckon that chicken's love the colour red. So we have added the exclusive red base to our top-selling Dine a Chook Large Automatic Chicken Feeder system. It looks fancy enough to take your chicken coop to the next level!

Worried your chooks won't take to a new feeder. Very few customers ever have a problem with chickens and other poultry using the feeder. But birds are apparently attracted to red, so why not get a Red Base Feeder for a little extra encouragement? 

Benefits of the Dine a Chook Red Base 4.7 L Feeder

  • Large 4.7 L Feeder
  • Fiery red base
  • Feeds up to 8 chickens for up to a week
  • Suitable for all sorts of poultry including chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys
  • Clip-together design with no glue, screws or moving parts to seize up and rust
  • Keeps feed dry with a patented rain hood and gutter system
  • Designed to keep feed in the feeder and off the floor, reducing waste
  • Silo-inspired, automatically filling feeding bay
  • UV treated for outdoor use
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Built-in lid hook
  • Rear-moulded mounting hooks may be suitable for tool-free installation in some coops
  • Complementary mounting kit
  • 100 % Australian made
  • 720 mm tall

Join over 50 000 happy chicken keepers in Australia, New Zealand and beyond with a Dine a Chook Poultry Feeder. Suitable for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other poultry.


  • 1 x Red Base 4.7 L Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder
  • 1 x complementary mounting kit

The Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder difference:

Reduce feed waste

  • Keeps feed in the feeder and off the flood
  • Reduces waste and saves you money
  • Automatically-filling, silo-inspired feeding bay
  • Chickens must put their head into the feeding bay, reducing spillage
  • Horizontal and vertical paddles prevent raking and thrashing

Help deter pest animals

  • Rodents and pest birds are attracted by spilled feed. Keeping feed off the ground and in the feeder will help keep pest animals away from your chicken coop.
  • The shape and installation height of the Dine a Chook Feeder work together to make it harder for rodents and pest birds to access the feed

No more wet feed

  • Leak-free
  • Our rain hood and gutter system keep the feeding bay dry, even in the tropical downpours of North Queensland 

Australian quality assurance

We had chickens long before we started Dine a Chook, and we still do! We understand the problems that backyard chicken keepers face – in New Zealand and Australia, alike. Our goal is to provide solutions. 

That is why Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Drinkers stand out from the competition: Our products have been extensively tested in backyards including our own! Our patented innovations and unique design features really work to make chicken keeping easier.

We know how important good coop management is. A clean, dry coop, and uncontaminated feed and water, are essential for poultry health. Our Feeders reduce waste, keeping feed dry and off the floor. And our Waterers keep water clean and prevent spillage. 

Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers are made in Australia, for quality you can trust. And we use genuine Lubing Drinker Outlets from Germany because they are the best for poultry. 

Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers are built to last and come with an exclusive guarantee. Don’t run over them with a tractor and we bet you won’t need to buy another Feeder or Drinker again!

As a family business just over the ditch, the most important thing to us is our customers. Need help with an order? Want chicken keeping advice? If you have a question about your flock, contact us!

Choose Dine a Chook for Australian quality in New Zealand chicken coops!

Warranty Information

6 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on all parts including:

PVC parts, handles and moulded rear mounting hook

Exclusions -
User damage caused by neglect or misuse

Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent design but the sparrows are smarter!

    Posted by Gloria Gilmore on 9th Aug 2018

    I love these products but the sparrows have figured out how to get in to get the food. The blackbirds and bigger birds cannot fit

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