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Chicken Drinker - RED | 4 Litre Double Cup | Dine a Chook


Product Description

They say that red goes faster, but in this case it might just be your chickens' favorite colour. Our striking Red 4 Litre Chicken Drinker was released by popular request. Made from high grade Australian PVC and featuring two of our exclusive Dine a Chook Lubing Cups this drinker sets the standard in high quality poultry drinkers for discerning backyard poultry enthusiasts.



Package Contents


Each order contains:


  • 1 x Dine a Chook 4 Litre RED Chicken Drinker (545 mm tall) with Twin Lubing Cups suitable for up to 12 chickens.

  • 1 x Dine a Chook mounting kit (customised steel brackets and screws).


Features of the Dine a Chook 4 Litre RED Chicken Drinker (Double Cup)


Our sleek red Chicken Drinker looks great and will provide years of clean, fresh, algae-free water. Our Chicken Drinker features:


  • UV-resistant RED PVC. Not only is this lead-free, BPA-free, algae-resistant and long-lasting - it is also attractive to humans and poultry alike!  

  • A leak-free design without the glue or screws that can weaken other Chicken Waterers.

  • Two Dine a Chook Lubing Cups, fitted with a Dine a Chook float for better hydration. The cleanest water-delivery method available for poultry.  

  • A vermin-deterring design.

  • Easy top-filling lid with carry handle.

  • Built in mounting hooks. 



Note that Single Cup Drinkers are suitable for smaller flocks and are available here.



Australian Quality Assurance


Our Chicken Drinkers are made in Australia to the highest quality standards. They have been extensively tested and are loved by customers worldwide.


Check out our Customer Reviews for Dine a Chook Chicken Drinkers! 


Kerry, Adelaide

I decided I should have purchased the feeder and water set – I was so taken on the quality and performance of the feeder. I purchased the the cup style drinker. At first I thought the chooks may have trouble operating it, but they also learned very quickly. It is fantastic as it is mounted right next to the feeder. They then have it on hand whenever they need a drink. I have put the both of them outside in their run where they spend most of the time (near their gate, where they wait to be let out!!). I find the Wet-a-Chook is excellent – no algae build up, lots of clean, fresh water. Make sure it is mounted not too low, as chooks can scratch up dirt into the cup. As a backup in the shed for at night, I have another high volume waterer. It is a good idea to have lots of water available.

Alexandria, UK

Bought these to replace my traditional feeders and drinkers as I got fed up of scooping wood chip and poop out of them several times a day. These are amazing, haven't had to do it once. Expensive yes but to me worth every penny.

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