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  • Aviary Drinker Waterer for Pigeons, Quail and Budgies

Aviary Drinker Waterer with Twin Lubing Cups

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Product Description

Dine a Chook Aviary Drinker Waterer with Twin Lubing Cups.

If you have a home or backyard aviary, our two-litre Aviary Drinker does more than keep the birds hydrated. It is designed to keep the aviary dry and reduce disease. 

Suitable for pigeons, quail, budgies and other aviary birds. 2 L Drinkers are also ideal for brooders and can be used with small flocks of chickens, turkeys and other poultry.

Fast Facts: Aviary Drinker Waterer with Twin Lubing Cups

  • Large 2 litre capacity
  • Genuine German Lubing Drinker Cups
  • Helps stop contamination
  • Fresh water supplied from the reservoir on demand
  • Helps deter rodents
  • Spill and mess free

Suitable for:

Aviary Birds

  • Pigeons and racing pigeons
  • Quails
  • Budgies

Coop and Pen Birds (flock of 1 - 3 birds)

  • Chickens
  • turkey
  • Geese
  • Ducks

It is important to note that Water Fowl Birds require more than just a drinker for their health needs. To learn about Waterfowl, please read our Ducks and Geese article


  • 2 Litre Water Drinker with a twin Lubing Cup outlet
  • Complimentary Mounting Kit containing 2 stainless steel brackets and 4 screws

Aviary Drinker installation

The Dine a Chook 2 litre Aviary Drinker Waterer is so easy to use. Complete with rear moulded hooks, secure with the mounting kit supplied onto timber or steel. Once installed remove the lockable lid and fill with clean water. To test the Lubing Cup, merely press the yellow float down and water should commence filling the water cup reservoir. It takes birds very little time to work out this ingenious method of water delivery. 

Thanks to the Lubing Cup and float engineering it helps keep the floor of your aviary or chicken coop dry.

When the Lubing Cup becomes soiled, hose out with a hose, and it will be clean and ready to use in a jiffy. The pressure from a hose will not damage the Lubing Cup or float.

Features of the 2 Litre Dine a Chook Aviary Drinker Waterer

  • Hand-built from Australian-manufactured parts
  • We use exclusively industrial-standard materials to ensure the longevity of our products
  • Our Drinkers are guaranteed lead-free and BPA-free
  • UV-treated ASA thermoplastic for long-term protection against photo-degradation - our Drinkers never become brittle or crack in the sun
  • Fitted with two Lubing Cup Drinker Outlets providing hydration on-demand
  • Lubing Cups are designed to prevent contamination
  • All Lubing Cups have been upgraded with a Dine a Chook patented float for a more reliable fill

Dine a Chook Drinkers are suitable for chickens and other poultry, as well as many aviary and game birds.


Warranty Information

6 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Main Unit Parts including:

PVC parts, handles and moulded rear mounting hook

12 month Warranty on Lubing Cup against any manufacturer defect

Exclusions -
User damage caused by neglect or misuse.

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