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FAQ: Dine a Chook Feeder and Drinker Installation

How to Install your Chicken Feeder and Drinker

Welcome to the Dine a Chook family! Congratulations on purchasing the best poultry feeding and watering system for backyard chicken keepers! We guarantee that this is the last feeder or drinker you will ever need to buy - unless you have a growing flock, or run over it with the tractor, or course! 


Please follow the installation instructions included with your Dine a Chook purchase and contact us through the website for a prompt response to your questions. 


Where should I install my Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder?

You can put your water-tight and weather-proof Dine a Chook Feeder anywhere. However, for the best results we do recommend installation in a sheltered area. That said, if you do have to install your feeder outside, where it will experience heavy rain, don't worry! My feeders constantly cop tropical downpours here in North Queensland and I am always stoked to see just how well the rain gutter works - especially after having spent so many hours perfecting it!

By installing your Chicken Feeder inside the coop, rather than in the run or yard, you will not only ensure that feed is better protected from the weather, it will also enhance the rodent-resistance of your feeder. 


Where should I install my Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker?

Just like people, chickens like a cool drink in summer too. So we always recommend installing our Chicken Drinkers in a shady spot. Chickens will drink more when the water is cool. Apart from keeping the water cool and fresh, a shady position also helps prevent algae growth to ensure that it remains contaminant-free.

In order to ensure adequate hydration during the hottest months, we recommend giving chickens access to water in a minimum of two locations: 

  1. Provide a water source in the coop where birds roost

  2. Install a drinker wherever your chooks spend the hottest part of the day in summer so that they do not have to walk back and forth in the sun to get water. This is particularly important to good hydration in hot climates or where chickens free-range in a large area. 

The ergonomic carry handle makes taking our Chicken Waterer to the tap easy, but it is always nice to install it somewhere in reach of the garden hose!


Can I hang my 20 Litre Drum Drinker?

No, 20 Litre Drum Drinkers cannot be hung up. They should be installed on a suitable solid surface, ideally 100 - 200 mm above the floor, depending on the height of your birds.


How do I install a Dine a Chook Mains Pressure Drinker?

Installation of our Mains Pressure Chicken Drinkers varies depending on the model:

  • The PVC Automatic Mains Pressure Drinker should be installed using the complimentary Mounting Kit in the same manner as a standard drinker, but in reach of your water source.

  • The Lubing Tank Mains Pressure Drinker comes with its own aluminium mounting bracket and should be installed on a solid surface, such as a wall or beam, again within reach of your water source.  

For connection, you will need a standard 13 mm garden hose or similar and the complimentary hose clamp. Simply attach the hose to the nylon inlet and clamp. Run the system and check the connection and other fittings carefully to ensure it is working correctly and there are no leaks. 


What do I need to install my Dine a Chook Feeder or Drinker?

We weren't kidding when we said installing our products is easy - our Complimentary Mounting Kit provides almost everything you need to install a Feeder or Drinker in almost any situation.

Tool-free installation with the built-in mounting hooks is suitable for most wire-mesh coops (see below for details).

If you wish to install your Feeder or Drinker on a wood or metal surface, you will need a drill with a standard bit for use with the moulded steel brackets in the Mounting Kit (screws provided).  


What is the easiest way to install my Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder or Drinker?

The easiest way to install your new Feeder or Drinker is with the built-in mounting hooks on the back of the unit. These hooks are designed to support the full weight of the Feeder or Drinker, and can be used for instant installation on most wire meshes, as well as some other surfaces. 

Some customers choose to simply place their Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder on the ground rather than mounting it in the coop. This is definitely easy installation, but be warned that the vermin-resistant and waste-reducing features of our Feeder may not perform as described if not mounted above ground level. 

On-ground installation will not work with Dine a Chook Drinkers as the lubing drinker cups or nipples are attached to the base of the unit.


How do I install my Dine a Chook Feeder or Drinker using the rear mounting hooks?

Your new Feeder or Drinker has 3 moulded mounting hooks on the rear of the unit. Only two of these hooks are required to hold its weight - we suggest using the top and bottom hook.

For tool-free installation, simply use the hooks to mount the unit directly on the wire mesh of the coop

NB. Not all wire mesh is strong enough to hold a full unit. Consider the qualities of your chicken coop when choosing the best installation method for you. Using all three hooks for mounting will better distribute weight over the wire mesh if strength is an issue.


How do I install my Dine a Chook Feeder or Drinker using the Complimentary Mounting Kit?

All of our Feeders and Drinkers come with a Complementary Mounting Kit containing two steel brackets fitted to the mounting hooks on the body of the unit, plus two screws for use with a standard drill bit (timber surfaces only). 

The easiest way to install the unit is to simply hold the brackets onto the top and bottom mounting hooks and situate the Feeder or Drinker at an appropriate height (see below). You can then mark the bracket locations, or alternatively simply hold the top bracket in place, screw on and repeat with the second bracket. Now your new Chicken Feeder or Drinker is ready to go - it's that easy! 


How high should my Feeder or Drinker be?

Our Feeders and Drinkers are designed to be mounted at “chicken height” for the best results. This deters rodents and wild birds more effectively, helping to vermin-proof your chicken coop, while also being more comfortable for your birds. It is particularly important that our waste-reducing Chicken Feeder be mounted at the correct height so that the patented no-waste features will work as intended. 

Obviously, chicken height will vary depending on breed. Generally we recommend the feeder be mounted level with the back of the bird's neck in order to allow comfortable feeding - this will be somewhere between 100 and 150 mm above the floor. 

In flocks of different breeds, you need to mount the feeder so it is accessible to the smallest bird. In such cases, a second feeder mounted for larger birds is recommended. If you find that birds struggle to access the feeder, it may need to be lowered by 1-2 cm.

In cases of severe rodent infestations, installing the Feeder 100-200 mm above "chicken height" will more effectively deter vermin. A brick or block should then be provided as a "step" for birds to access the feed.


How can I adjust the height of my Dine a Chook Feeder or Drinker?

Adjusting the height of your Feeder or Drinker is as easy as re-installing it. 

If you do not wish to move the unit but want to make access easier, you can provide a "step" for chickens, such as a brick or block, to allow them to access the food or water. This is a good option in flocks where smaller birds have trouble accessing the Feeder or Drinker.