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Are Brown Eggs Healthier than White Eggs?

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Eggs come in all sizes, shade variations as well as colours. Some appear a vibrant white; other have a creamy shell appearance. Interestingly, some are light brown and others a darker brown tone. So this leaves people questioning, Are Brown Eggs Healthier?

So let's clear it up once and for all. Brown eggs vs White eggs.

Are brown eggs Healthier?

The short answer is no. The laying hen determines the colour of the shell. Chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs. Seriously, that is the reality. There is a direct link between the colour of the chicken earlobe and the eggshell colour. Chickens with brown or red earlobes lay brown eggs.

So are Brown Eggs Healthier? The short answer is no. The colour of the shell does not influence the health benefit of the egg contents.

brown eggs vs white eggs

Why do brown eggs cost more?

There is a reason Brown Eggs cost more. They usually come from larger chicken breeds. Large chickens cost more to feed as well as to keep. For this reason, brown eggs require more to produce.

Do brown eggs taste better?

Generally, taste is related to the quality of feed the chicken eats. It has no relevance to the colour of the shell. To maximise flavour from eggs, coop and also pen chickens should eat:

  • An excellent nutritional pellet mix
  • Do not use scratch seed mix.
  • Supply a mixture of healthy scrap treats one or two days a week. Only small amounts they can consume within 15 minutes.
  • Additional protein snacks such as all natural dried mealworms.

Does a brown egg mean it is organic?

No. Organic is related to the feed of the chicken and has nothing to do with the colour of the eggshell. To be labelled organic you can trust the feed has been mostly grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and also fertilisers. Especially in so far as eggs are concerned, the fewer chemicals in the feed, the less we consume in the egg.

Are brown eggs better for baking?

This comes down to personal preference. Some people insist they may taste better when compared to white eggs. It would be fascinating to do blind testing on a large number of people to see if anyone could tell them apart.

Regardless of what egg you choose for your cooking or baking, they are packed full of goodness. The old 1960's myth of being full of bad cholesterol was disproved decades ago. Eggs are a healthy, low fat, nutritious additional to so many things.

Brown eggs vs White eggs - the choice is really up to you.

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